You Can Find Me In The Club


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I’ve never been a “go to the club every weekend” kind of guy, but I do like to cut a rug from time to time.  The best time I’ve ever had at a club was graduation night at Club Soho in ATL.  The DJ played “No Limit Soldiers” and everyone absolutely collectively lost their shit.  For the next 20 minutes straight, he played nothing but No Limit classics.  “Break ‘Em Off Something” damn near started a riot.  It was almost orgasmic.  I’ve never ever been that crunk in my life. Even though someone poured a magnum of champagne on my head, even though my eyes were on fire, even though I was losing my voice, I was still straight up ‘bout it out on the floor.  It was the perfect way to end my college experience.  And to cap off the night, my boy K-Dawg said the single funniest thing ever uttered in my presence.  Dem were the days.

LL Cool J – Doin’ It

“Tomorrow I’ll take you back downtown. [wink & lip lick]  Nightclub.  Mickey Mouse Club.  Science Club.  Gentlemen’s club.  We have at our disposal, a multitude of clubs to patronize for various, often deleterious, reasons.  So let’s focus on the deleterious, shall we?  “Doin’ It” is a great joint to two-step at the club toSo yeah, this was pretty much the strip club anthem during the summer of ’96.  My cousin and I went often that summer.  And by often I mean, every single weekend.  If we missed a weekend, we made up for it the next time.  But no matter what club we went, this joint was played several times a night.  Maybe it was different in other parts of the country, but Jacksonville strippers certainly loved James Todd.  God bless him. Continue reading